Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 26, 2016

Dare I Be~by Melvina Germain



Dare I Be

Tonight I will die, tomorrow I shall live and wave good-bye to this theatrical earth stage… its ruination by man alone.

No one holds me hostage in the flaws of religion. As a free spirit, I shall dance in the wind…spreading my divine wings in the mystical world of supernatural bliss, conformity is not my wish.

My goal is to reach the optimum fence. Be at peace with the omnipotent, rise high, be larger than a mountain, see deeper than the deepest sea, swirl in the winds. Ride the waves of the ocean effortlessly.

He envelopes me, I’m one with His word. I’m of His essence, He the creator is now me the creation. I’m the mystic who blows waves into the ocean, the wild bird whose feathers fall yet can not be seen. I’m a supernatural being soon to be crowned Queen.

Transcendentally Blessed by the divine, hovering the world in absolution, Invisible to the human eye, exalted in eternal life. I stand immortal without physical concern. Dipped in consciousness far beyond compare. I have moved beyond man’s highest praise of the human tongue or the pen in which he scribes his woes. Now I speak to him through mind and witness his utmost comprehension through his ink.

I’m that ever flowing faucet that never fills to its brim. I’m as heavy as a mountain, yet can balance on the tip of a twig. I’m the tintinnabulation of God’s Heavenly bell. The sound of the whispering wind.

What physical man has the right to tell anyone what they can or can not be. You cast your spells, toss your daggers, hurl your stones, stand in Judgement, in anticipation of breaking others down. No longer need I fear the likes of you nor care what you can or can not do. I’m no longer like you. Nooooo you have become locked in this world without a foundation, for one day it will implode and all who reside here will drown in the darkest sea of negativity, drowning within oneself.

Begging for mercy? From whom, How did you tribute Him, what were your actions toward Him. Do I recall you saying He does not exist. Who then may I ask, are you pleading mercy.

This earth laden with sharp edged rocks, with sinking sand. Each step taken in hesitation. Your face fixed in that cringing position, sour and old… hands clenched in fear, fevered mind, bleeding perspiration pours like rain. soon, standing still like a pillar of salt.

I wave and whisper a faint good-bye…long and far in the distance

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: April 9/2013

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