Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 26, 2016

IMMORTAL~by Anita Sahoo




Attached to your desolated heart
my aloofness no more counts
pervading an ecstatic countenance
amongst the lone moments
lifting off the exotic feelings
to a height paramount

I am your last autumn
or first spring
that hardly make sense
beholding your delighted being
in love ensnared my mind
what a blissful experience

Whatever may be the situation
how adverse may be the circumstances
for you I will not wither
innately fasten to your surreal presence
I will tighten my grips even tighter

See..the moon is the witness
to our love ethereal
beaming bashfully in dew drops
its beams glimmer
glorifying our longings
making this queer love
and us.. immortal..
©Anita Sahoo

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