Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 28, 2016

SYMPHONY OF LIFE ~by Swapna Behera



Swapna Behera

When time melts on the lucrative
Summer National Highways ,
Smiles and dazzles on the winter crops
Moments float on the rainy paper boats

Life as it happens ;

Shines on the blackboards
of the schools
Burns in the graveyard ,
Yet borns as a Phoenix

Life as it happens

A rejuvenating melody
where seasons mingle
to one eternal symphony
A ballad that reflects
Flowers of rainbows
The ramp walk of
pearls of eyes and lips

Life As it is ;
salutes to the blood of martyrs
An Ode to every mother
That teaches values and empathy

Life as it is;

The silent witness of death
A panoramic dream of a new born baby
The audacity of life ,
the silent triggers of emotions

Life as it is ;

The sunrise in the horizon
Memory of a widow
Myriads of dreams
a crowd in a lonely room
And alone in a traffic square

Life lives and loves

Smiles in tears
And cries in smiles

Life as it is ;

A divine cosmic rhyme and rhythm
Never a formulae dear
But with challenges
Of ambiences
To live for others
And die for others

A celebration for ever and ever —————

Copyright @swapna Behera

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