Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 30, 2016

Evil Will Sleep and Good Shall Rule Again~by Melvina Germain

A poem for you…


Evil Will Sleep and Good Shall Rule Again

Evil Will Sleep and Good Shall Rule Again
Now we come across turbid wave where man became human animals worshipping hell bound darkness of self made graves.
Bombastic voices echo o’re all the world flinging threats, sling shots
no decent person deserves. We pray, O we pray for men, women, boys and girls, save them from the monstrous demons the enemy serves.
Young stings of evil separating good from bad, tossing out woes like rockets penetrating souls who foster pain from the wicked and the mad.
Adverse heats a God fearing man can tell as he dips his head to the poison coming forth the well.
Ten thousand souls ruined in a day, spiritual buses fill and drive far, far away. From off the faces tumultuous hate, afraid to stand before St. Peter’s gate.
Women hung their dresses and skirts for a time, joining the sides of men in the front line. Held back births, no offspring shall a womb bear, for the promise of a better future one must prepare.
Happy be the man who travels in celestial sky, free where no evil can bestow itself on high. A transformation of the new must soon begin and the whispering winds will soon call upon thee again.
Let an invisible wall ride long the battlefield, old ghosts of soldiers uprose to shield… Power of good soon revealed.
Weeping eyes on fearful faces bow, whilst the shock grew long among all men and women wondering how.
We gaze upon the lofty genius of good men who turns thee not on the higher hand. The raging fire burning red so deep, laid the needled bed where evil violently fell to sleep.
Written 2015

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