Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 1, 2016

Christmas Rose~by rldubour

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Christmas Rose

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When the snow is deep and the wind is cold.

When most nature sleeps, except the Christmas Rose.

The Christmas Rose blooms but one night a year.

Sending a message for the whole world to hear.

Few people have seen this Christmas Rose.

And the message it sends, few people know.

It shows that the beauty can always be found.

In all living creatures as you look around.

It tells of a story written a long time ago.

The most beautiful flower, the Christmas Rose.

The story of giving your heart and your soul.

To honor and love forever to hold.

To cherish it all and give all in return.

The meaning of life, as we all try to learn.

To have faith and trust in those that you love.

Letting them know what you’re thinking of.

Growing together always showing you care.

Intimate moments the two of you share.

This gift that is given us, will always show.

Our hearts hold the meaning, of the Christmas Rose.

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