Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 1, 2016

Daily missive for Thursday the 1st of December.~ Lower back pain.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 1st of December.
Lower back pain.

There is restriction
In movement
One foot in front of the other
Is more than a metaphor
Muscles rebel
Scream their defiance
Misuse overuse under use
All add up to abuse
In the long term.
When a spasm
Has the power
To incapacitate
You can capitulate
Or shrug it off
Keep walking
See it through
To the bitter end
Stop only when
There is no going on
And the pain is such
It stops words forming
When the jaw locks
The fingers refuse to bend
And the brain seizes
The opportunity
To go walkabout on its own
And the overwhelming need
Is to secede
Responsibility for completion
To the breakdown
In communication
Between the spirit
And the flesh.
They used to mesh
But now they
Seem to have developed
A mutual disregard
It wasn’t that hard
It just took time
And too steep a climb
To continue indefinitely without
Lowering the resistance to pain
I will say it again
Lower your resistance to pain.
Take a rest
Believe me
Your body knows best.

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