Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 3, 2016

The Dragon of Darkness and Light~by Karen King



The Dragon of Darkness and Light

I looked in the mirror
And it turned dark.
Wafts of smoke surrounded it
And fire came out the mirror
Towards me.
Unwanted people and places
Galloped past, as if at war,
Self-absorbed, pre-occupied.
I saw my life charging past,
Like an old film,
But in full chrome.
Bold, bright, alive,
Mistakes and successes
Merging into one.
The dark mistakes dissolved to blackness
And the bright successes burnt, brightly
Like the sun.
I looked again at the mirror
And saw a five pound note.
I was unsure what this meant
And turned away.
I looked back and, there it was,
In the corner of my mirror.
The rest of the mirror smiled back at me,
Waiting for the rest of my life.
From the top of my mirror,
I saw a swish of a tail, sparkly eyes
And a swirl of smoke.
My dragon smiled and flew
Up into the clouds,
Awaiting my future.

Karen King Copyright 3 December 2016

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