Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2016

His struggle~by Lopamudra Mishra



His struggle

He took his last breath,life support system failed to hold more,
His struggle for survival ended leaving behind some heavy sighs,
Unable to justify him ,he failed ,then sheltered to seclusion,
Lifelong fought with close ones for ancestral place,
Now left his struggle in halfway,
He spoiled his personality for property sake,
His body placed in front of ancestral place for mourn,
Relatives shed tears friends silent,analysing his pros and cons,
But I could hear the laughter of home,
In silence,whispering in heavy tone ‘why you fought with your brothers for my sake’?
Relation among kinship is a strong bond,
Fight for property ruins the grip of bond,
Home once sweet still persists with the fight for ownership,
He parted with the sweet and bitter memories of home,
Relatives now talking for the renovation of the ancestral place,
Ignoring his struggle and fight for lifelong,
Quarrel for property harmed his bright image,
Even though he owned some remarkable achievement.
Now his struggle ended ,a chapter closed,and,
a new born.

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