Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2016

Kemet O Kemet Page (1)~by Melvina Germain



Kemet O Kemet Page (1)

Hieroglyphics paint an ancient mind,
fixed beneath black earth where rocks cry out
from tombs of yesteryear.

Stolen truths, hidden in minds of wicked, demonic
beasts. Illusionists scorch and burn that of true
reality. Perhaps amnesia is what one expects the
world to believe and not a hand injustice played.

Jesus we know you from the Greek God of Zeus
and Jupiter, a name given to the true God above.
Our African Ankh, yes our Egyptian symbol stays,
reminding the world of an eternal life. No death,
no death to those in God’s spiritual realm.

Kemet, much peace, intelligence and beauty
twas bestowed upon your land and spiritual guides
brought no fear of death. Your longevity, eternally
blessed though your flesh body returned to the
belly of earth and that is where it will infinitely
rest. Dust to dust, earth to earth.

Minds, clean and free to soar, but Alexander the
Great waited for entry outside that bleeding door.
An invasion robbed poor Kemet in 332B.C.E. Black
history hidden from the world, such a grave travesty.

Blurred minds, bodies entrenched in such bleak
and darkest pain. Barbarism with no alphabet
or language to call their own. Thieves from hell,
fascinated by Kemet’s throne.

Lives feared the devils evil steps as the throb of
hatred painted blood filled fields and another
beast was yet to take it’s place in plantations
where the colorless ruled with steel.

Blood baths, old trees, crackers slashed the backs
of men. No rescue from manholes of hellish pain,
brutes from hell in charge sordidly reigned.

Years O years, hundreds passed thee by. Old
time begat more trials of which to bear. The
underground brought a trickle of light you see
and the rivers edge, held the scent of people who
looked liked me.

Kemet, O Kemet, your story never ends and those
who seek such knowledge, power will be a thus

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: March 17/2014

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