Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2016

“Navigating the turbulent ocean called life.”~by Akshaya Kumar Das



“Navigating the turbulent ocean called life.”

From father’s seed,
To mother’s womb,
The nine month sabbatical ,
Was a journey of subconscious in real,
The umbilical link within the womb’s soul,
Life started it’s ignition since then,
From a crawling baby to a whining infant,
From a tiny infant to an adolescent,
Adolescent to adulthood,
From the sighs of adulthood to old age an unknown journey in the life’s wood,
The journey was really turbulent,
Struggles at each step such silent ,
The mother’s eternal lap,
Lullabies sung during the nap,
Crawling, walking & running,
A passionate affair in sailing & swiming,
Navigating the goal post,
Searching the life joints,
Scoring marks at each point,
To score a goal at each post,
Success & glory always eluded,
Stories of success remain shrouded,
Always felt hounded,
Between birth & death felt bonded,
Came from surreal to the real,
Left the real for the surreal,
Navigating the ups & downs of life,
A fathomless journey of ignorance in true rife,
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das
@ All Rights Reserved.

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