Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 7, 2016

My tuberose~by Ziauddin Bulbul


My tuberose

In this late autumn eve touching afternoon
On the sky floating the copperplated moon.
Behind the secondary depth of a densely evening trees
the copperplated moon exists.
Have you turning as dusky evening stepped in on the street?
Ah why the lampposts are smoky with forty winks,
On the secondary evening is all stars darkling ?
Whose scheme is it ? Is it of third evening ?
On the way back to home today I met you alone
That somnolent eyes of you as if with much confusion
wanted to know how are keeping I’m in a shadowy tone !

Did I listen a song ? A song of tuberose which no one listens ?
Has my copperplated moon met all expenses ?
Throwing up the particles of your murkiness,
And creating the evening twilight in repetition ?

A black beauty, has left a tuberose, on my way.

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