Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 8, 2016

au revoir~by Ziauddin Bulbul



au revoir

Later on
after a long time
long long after a time
one day


in your world
the tints of
the nightfall
will appear,

in your long
working life
uproar of
excessive joy

when make you

and gradually
the pipe dreamy
sun burnt
and relentless
of secular life

than please
show up here!

By sitting
in the shore
with your
bleary two eyes

if you give
a look to the
dusky day light

where the sun
appears to set
on the lap
of ocean

where the sky
mingled itself

only than
you will notice

that my valedictory
look was placed
there with
radiant mark

those immortal
drops of weeps

taking the forms
of dejected
evening star

will rise
in your
drowsy eyes

and awake
alone at your
head rest

may be
at dreams
it will bring

a few memories
of your early life

Right then

At one side
the impatient
waves of Arabian Sea

will raise inaudible sound
with cryptic fury

And in other side
you will fell into slumber

while the entire world
will sleep in peace!!!


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