Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 9, 2016

Devil`s Tree~by Norman Wilson



Devil`s Tree

The devil had taken away his soul
Leaving him adrift, in need of tow
In expenditure of a vast malaise
That he carried heavily from day to day

Before the robot skies rose in silk white tides
Profiling shades of melancholy eyes
Causing conjecture to peak steep within his voice
About the speculation of his latest choice

Without soul he floundered over loves apparel
For he had shaken the apple tree that held Cupid`s arrow
Leaving young girls halo in wake of a wayward wind
With a devil promise their love would never end

Spilled apples ajar upon Cupid`s fields
Spilling, spilling in apple filling of a fresh yield
Filling baskets with ripened red hearts never loved
In prey of this vulture hovering above

He rode on the vultures wings to an early grave
Where nothing redeemable, could ever be saved
While young girls still pick apples from the devil’s tree
Never knowing the tragedies awaiting underneath the leaves

All rights reserved 12, 03, 16
Norman Francis

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