Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 9, 2016

SOLDIERS’ WIFE~by Lopamudra Mishra




Leave me dear,leave a space in my heart to think and cheers,
You and your thoughts occupy my loving heart,
I couldn’t rejoice or come out from fear,
You are far away in snow clad terrains with heart bold for motherland’s safety sphere,
Though I smile,but news of firing in borders couldn’t restrict my flow of tears,
With a throbbing heart I wait for your phone calls to hear,
Children ask your where abouts,my frightened heart boldly narrates your bravery shoots,
Days pass waiting but nights are unbearable with anxietious boots,
Hearing news of a brave soldier attaining martyrdom myself bleeds inwards without the traces in my face,
You made me proud as a soldier’s wife,
Loved more than any husband’s share,
Cared ,gave a respectable position in social sphere,
Knowing to be brave my heart sinks for you ,
As everyday news clipping bears the shooting in borders areas,
Why so bloodshed and fight?
Even my couregeous heart unable to answer,
But I always pray God let you come smiling and safe to my circumference .

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