Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 10, 2016

The conquest of Happiness and Peace in this world~by Sandra Regina Viana



The conquest of Happiness and Peace in this world

The conquest of Happiness and Peace in this world
Is not impossible to obtain, it is enough that mankind
Is aware that it is essential for this achievement
Is to have Humility, Respect and Love to others !!
Let unforeseen things not be turned into postponed dreams;
That fear does not dictate directions.
Let there be no rush to discover tomorrow.
May we be a reflection of the love we carry in our hearts and
Do not be synonymous with shame express how we feel.
Let there be tolerance, let there be hope and smiles that contagious.
May it be filled with challenges today, and let us not lack faith.
May everything be a smile that divides itself.
Happiness, which is shared.
Blessed delivery;
Of every feeling of tenderness and good will.
Peace and calm to see flourish.
Hope, in every dream that decides;
Be strength and Faith at every step.
Make every moment,
Pure and constant love.
Letting the heart be an eternal embrace
Each of us is a dream of God!


  1. amen

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