Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 11, 2016

A Journey of the Heart~by Hela Tekali



A Journey of the Heart

I sacrifice myself for you
What else my Lord could I do
I ask you to take away my breath
If my love is not enough I’d prefer death
Let the flames of passion consume my body
It is only through ablazed ashes you hear my melody
I will be your better lover through the grave
Take away my breath for my soul to save
Death in the name of love is in itself life
The one who does not die for love cannot celebrate life
I desire your love to penetrate into the mirror
of my mystic heart
Take off that veil O my lord! for my irresistable desire to plunge into the much intoxication of your sufi art.

Jenayah Hela
@Spiritual Poetry
Journey of the heart

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