Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 12, 2016

Commitment~by Norman Wilson




Marooned in crumpled wedding gown
Lank and lean she walks on yawning edge
Where silence stood precociously alone with him
To the droning of love`s heartfelt pledge

Her eyes forever dipped in sparrow grey
Deepened against a blue morning rise
With complexion of milk white rose
Flushed against the sun for the keeper of the sky

With haggard face, he waits to idolize
What appears then disappears before morning tide
Lit then unlit, inward to a firefly glowing light
Dressing then undressing in loves sleepless night

Words ramble across unrest of tongue
Snared on maze of summersets yet met
Racing, racing towards the guile in her breath
Set upon the gentle morn for what hearts let

They wait and then wait not
While the Junipers come into bloom
Before the wild nights comes true with laughter
By the lake listening to the cries of the loons

They bind in loves final commitment
By the moors in a glistening morning June
With promises of risks made, yet not taken
Before the sun reaches high noon

All rights reserved 12, 07,16
Norman Francis

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