Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 14, 2016

MY BLUE PEGGY SUE ~by Suzette Portes San Jose

illustrated in a painting by suzette portes san jose
MY BLUE PEGGY SUE by suzette portes san jose



Image may contain: outdoor

my kitty Peggy sue
does always feel so blue
she yells and cries never says adieu
as she does recall a love in a hue
it all seems a fairy tale come true
here comes the story of my Peggy sue

along the alley she hops and creeps
rolls and bumps waking up all from sleep
one window threw a pink hair brush
the color of her kitty hood crush
she took it to her box and stare all day
reminiscing her young love story

she makes a sigh and sings a song
it was a tune that her heart does belong
she walks and dances with head up high
facing smilingly towards the sky
a daydream that she loves so much
can’t wake her up even with a touch

it was on a morning break
when she needs a walk to take
a squeaky little thing was hiding in a stake
that smells too good for a fast to break
but it wasn’t the stake that makes her sneak
her mouth is watering for those that squeak

she jumps onto that little thing behind
and surprised what she was about to find
a well groomed sleek fur of pink
couldn’t take her eyes to blink
a pretty handsome kitty boy not in blue
which makes her fall, oh my Peggy sue

here’s another surprise that comes so true
he wears a lipstick and a heel on his shoe
he picks the little thing and gives it a leak
on his pink gloves, astonished she couldn’t speak
he gave his squeaky little one to her with a kiss
Peggy sue now knew, he isn’t a pinkie kitty Miss

it was all worth remembering
the amusing pretty kitty lad she is dreaming
it was a fairy tale come true
when he does fall for my blue Peggy sue
each night they sit underneath the moonlight
as they color the night with pink and blue so bright

by suzette pprtes san jose

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