Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 15, 2016

As You Sow Shall You Reap~by Aarti Mittal



As You Sow Shall You Reap


I thought
In distress was my life
When I became a wife
Of a man
Who did not read the books of school
But the books of heart
Who did not learn to earn money
But love as sweet as honey
Who did not win any award
But the faith and love from the people
Who was away from shrudness
But was drenched in kindness
Who was rich in emotions
Though poor in bank balance

Yet I sowed the seeds of love
In the life of my marriage
Nutured it with faith and compassion
Duties and respect
As my passion
Thinking I was at loss
But now I realized
God has blessed me the most
As love is the aura around me
Surrounds me
Arms me
As my grownup children
Brimmed with the real meaning of love
Away from the differences
Of caste
But close to compassion
Respect and Emotion
As their passion

Yess now I say in pride
Am blessed as a bride
To a man
Who sowed love
And now ripes love

Copyright Aarti Mittal

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