Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 16, 2016

Christmas gift~by Hana Shishiny



Christmas gift

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I know exactly the gift I will
offer you again and again

Christmas is all over
love is flowing all the way
light sparkling all around
wrapped gifts, on the way
big smiles, dancing hearts
joy and happiness, music plays
all they sing lovely songs
getting ready for the holy day…

And I am far..far away
can’t stand by your side
hanging angels on your tree
in your kitchen I can’t guide
can’t adjust an arrangement
in a vase on your tapestry
can’t even draw red hearts
as they do on poetry
I can dive for ever..deep within your soul
hold your dreams in my heart , longing ,waiting for every call
kiss your tired eyes
swallowing your flowing tears
share your dreams and your hopes
and your pain, and your fears

that’s my Christmas gift..
that Is yours .,again and again
in it a palpitating heart
and a soul..that’s for real

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