Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 16, 2016

It’s up to you to make life fun~by King Julian



It’s up to you to make life fun

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There’s nothing new under the sun
It’s up to you to make life fun
Whether you are rich
Or you are poor
You don’t know what life has in store
Or who’d come knocking on your door
Life is full of uncertainties
Which are not yet realities
So focus not on the what if’s
And loose no rest on the what not’s
You’d save yourself a lot of stress
And pull that distress from your chest
What are your strengths
What are the things that you do best
Focus on these
And compare yourself not to the rest
Be grateful and thankful
For every single thing you get
And gladly show appreciation
Even if it’s just a cent
For life is a gift
And can only last that long
Today its here
Tomorrow its gone
To the dust you’d gladly go
Cos that’s where we all belong
And when that happens…what have you done
To help that widow and her son
What have you done
For your fellow man
What of your God
Have you pleased him
And for that will he forgive your sin
And what of you
Yes, you yourself
What have you done for yourself
Or was it all to please others
With no time for your own matters
It’s good to work
It’s good to rest
It’s good to have a little fun
For there’s nothing new under the sun

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