Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 18, 2016

Life’s only way …~Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by Ron DuBour



Life’s only way …

Image may contain: cat

This is the story of the kittens
who lost their way
as against their parents wishes
with their mittens they strayed away
lost and bullied by the evil mayors son
they once again found their way
punished by the sheriffs dog Tom
the mayors evil son finally found his way
the bully he was locked behind bars
as the kittens rejoiced finally having gotten their way
as good reigns over evil in every given way
life is to be lived there is only one way
love love n love its only life’s one way !

The mittens with their life had to pay
the kittens who went out to play that day
in their story to be written told to this day
do things right
don’t do it any other way
for everything their is a price to pay
although good succeeds over the ugly
life has its own way
of punishing life put it in any way
one good deed deserves another
any which way
in life we all come to live its gods one way
do good and be good
beholden are his way
don’t harm others
just keep it this way
be good and see life coming your way
in every way
For life is to be lived
there is no two way !

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