Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 18, 2016

Love can’t be halted~by Ziauddin Bulbul



Love can’t be halted

Railing after railing, on a hanging porch,
sky and clouds have fallen in transpose;

let the wind be flown across,–
Diving inside the large fig trees,
Fog-rain, now set out to pour.

Some days if walked around aimlessly
into the sunny bush of horsinghar
Time would than give a sigh of relief
and get a little scope for care
Garlands of atypically named places
rushed into the mind’s sphere.

Such as white woods, black forest, khagra, sobra
whether it is plus or surplus to tarbela, don’t know
But the names have fusion
floating in the air
since prehistoric age where
none resides but the Maya!

Love can’t be halted or limited by age or colour,
religion or castes, boundaries, or culture!
Love is sovereign, voice of the universal vernacular,
Hope you understand my dear !

Smell and touch — sweat corresponds to sweat.
On the back of fatigued horse decagonal epithet
Scourge and bridle.

(Edited n Reposted)

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