Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 19, 2016

Daily missive for Monday the 19th of December.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 19th of December.

Words are less than beauty
They are but a tool
And when used
As they should be
Produce something
More than the sound of
Each letter.
Nothing I say
Can re-create
The beauty of your kiss
The unfurled wings
Of a butterfly
A hummingbird
In reverse
A baby’s hand
Clasped around
A mother’s little finger
Or the secret smile
You gave to only me.
Nothing I could write
Would give an answer
To the questions
People often ask
When someone dies
Where does the
Essence of them go.
If I am mindful
To keep on asking
Will you ever
Find a way
To let me know.
I have nothing
Else to say
But this one promise
I will never let you down.
I sense you
Lying here beside me
It might just be imagination
But feels so elemental
So essential
Absolutely real
And in these small ways
With so few words
It is all I need
To remind me
How much I will
Always love you
Until the very ending
Of our days.

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