Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 20, 2016

Winter’s Dream~by Karen King



Winter’s Dream

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I woke up, I know not why.
There was a breeze around my ears and a definite chill in the air.
The air smelt fresh, almost as if it had snowed.
I shivered and snuggled further down into my duvet,
trying to get back to sleep.
But sleep would not come.
All was silent, except a distant hooting.

A draft from the window blew my curtains away from each other,
revealing my balcony and, beyond, an intriguing scene.
With dark green shapes of trees, remaining Autumn bracken
and some trees tipped with snow, it all looked very atmospheric.
And slightly threatening!

I wondered what was out there beyond my room.
Would Bigfoot be prowling in the distance awaiting more snow?
Or would sinister creatures be prowling in the night?
Suddenly, I heard a tapping on the glass and I looked towards the window.
I saw a robin on the window ledge, gazing in.
I looked outside and saw my tiny garden with it’s shrubs,
small cherry tree and pots with herbs.
Where were the large conifers, Autumn bracken and snow-tipped trees?
Gone! I shook my head in wonder. It must have been a dream!
“I must get back to reality”, I thought to myself.
I thanked the robin for rousing me from my dream, for he must have known …
It was Christmas morning and there was lots to be done!

“Delights of Nature – Winter” Karen King Copyright 2015

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