Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 21, 2016

Rhapsody~by rldubour

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You might have heard

of this magical elf

He watched over the reindeers

all by himself!

At the north pole

in Santa s castle of white

those reindeer’s he trained

for their historic flight!

Once a year he would harness

just a select few

in a sleigh filled with toys

they knew what to do.

They would guide dear Saint Nick

to every home in the world

dropping off gifts

for every boy, every girl!

Rhapsody worked hard

for hundreds of years.

Then this night in the barn

Santa appeared.

He gave Rhapsody a new job

how his eyes they did glow.

To travel the world

and make every heart grow.

Rhapsody said yes

and thanked Santa so much

then was off to his new job

to fill every heart he could touch!

To fill them with kindness

the spirit of giving.

To love one another

in this life we are living!

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