Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 21, 2016

YOU ARE DIFFERENT IN SKY…..~by Lopamudra Mishra




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I see the crystal Moon,
The numberless stars and constellations,
In the wintry evening of wild blue yonder,
The brightening stars contest among themselves,
To get the crown of shinning wonder,
Among the sprinters ,
You are divergent,
The silent king of diligent,
My earth is aware of your excellence,
Your luminosity is greater ,
So I give preference,
The chill breeze and the snowflakes,
Nudge my cheeks ,then my ribs,
When I explore you in snowy gust,
Your flashback is genial ,;
So it bakes me in icy –cold,
Your retrospection surges fresh blood,
To my icy chamber,
I wander hither and thither,
In fathomless cloud but my heartbeats for you,
My arena pronounces your eminence in dry and clear horizon,
Only because You are different than others……………


  1. the light shines inside, the stars glow, your soul is working, so never let it go, amen

  2. Beautiful

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