Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 22, 2016

My Humpty Dumpty Heart~by Daniel Black



My Humpty Dumpty Heart

I never fell for you
You tripped me
You played gravity
And I was imprisoned by the laws that govern your orbit
You knew that my heart could not be swayed by the fragile arrows of Cupid
So you hijacked a rocketship
And crushed it right into the very centre of chest
You than proceeded to seize and capture my heart and in moments you had me under cardiac arrest
You than used every weapon in the mighty arsenal of your beauty to surgically strip me off my common sense
Because you didn’t just want me to fall in love
Nah, you wanted me to be a fool in love
You are a puppet master pulling on the strings of my heart
You play me like a violin
Your love is abusive
I should probably walkaway but my legs are refusing
I think they are intoxicated by the music
heard someone once define love as a slap in the face
I’m inclined to agree with that person
So long as that hand is on fire and covered in thrones
That were dipped in poison
See love is a toxic sandwich
That’s right
It’s cheesy wrapped between two slices of awkward moments
And a side of stupid
And love is not blind
It’s regarded
It gives you a loose jaw
Shaky hands
A heart that skips and fumble through beats
And lungs that are so clumsy the let out every molecule of oxygen out of your mouth
Whenever somebody beautiful walks through the door
Now Cupid
He must be the blind one because nobody is the bad at their job
I mean all those arrows he fired through my chest
You think he’d at least get one right
But don’t worry
I don’t blame you I blame me
For being so clumsy
I Humpty Dumptyed off your smile
And now I can’t find the scattered shells
Of my broken heart
I never fell for you
You tripped me
You played gravity
And I was trapped in the laws that govern your orbit

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