Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 24, 2016

A mothers wish dear Santa please will you not grant me~by Nutan Sarawagi



A mothers wish dear Santa please will you not grant me

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If it was my new year
wonder where I would be
smiling at you looking at me
loving you the moment in it to see
the happy new year the xmas tree
as the stars lie beholden looking down at me
in santas reindeer to fly with ye
where the skies are open
in stars dancing so free
in my love as close …as close in me to be

come and get me Santa
take me with thee
in the open sky
far away from me
where the world is beholden
in you to be
in its rays so golden
as I lie beneath me

touch me with your life
please pray for me
for you are my santa in me beckoning me
in your red cap waving out to me
to be my little Santa hoping for you in me
in my wish granting me a life filled with happiness
in your world never forsaken living your life in me
as in you I open every gift in me
granting me my life mother in it to see
as she looks at you …catching her life in me
in glimpses of life being you in me
seeing me in her loves forecast ..forever my love to be
in your love with me
never leaving me

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