Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas~by Sumana Bhattacharjee



Merry Christmas

Image may contain: candles


Come dear all and little kids
Let’s kindle the candle and jig .

Let’s welcome the empyrean soul
Who played in our life unforgettable role !

Ah ! “Son Of God ” was born this day
Yes ! It’s Christmas we say !

O Jesus! Indeed you are beyond
Any desire and wish, Yet I pray
May the world fulfill your every profound wish !

O my Lord! You are a real angel
Without you incomplete every evangel !

You are the only one who can
Emancipate us from demonic hell ,
So cheers ! Let’s jingle the bell !

Our empty hands have nothing to give
Only we can recall you with lots of love
Dedication and by exchanging some little gifts !

Keep your hands on the ‘holy book’
And take a Gospel to kiss
Pleas enkindle the every moment
Of the divine and sacred eve !

May the mighty soul shower
On you his celestial bliss !

Sumana Bhattacharjee

No rights reserved
For the photograph


  1. Merry Christmas

    • and the very best to YOU!!

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