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My rainbow is always black and dark
My world is always desolate dark – park
I’ve never seen the Sun shine bright
And not yet, perceived blessings of light.

The day carries no meaning for me
The night brings no any joy for me
Tears rolls down from my cheek
Heart beats beg pity, for my sake.

I do stumble a thousand times
Compassion shouted so many times
Humanity still slept for a long times
I cursed the dark a couple of times .

Skin – touch is only infinite source my joy
Sound has turned holy spirit of my life
These two are only blessings of my faith
Loneliness and solitude are my choice.

I wish prince of my dream is still there
To hold my my both arms as a sweet dear
He will entwine me with passion of joy
My heart will spell him as the dearest boy.

He will be vision of my eyes
I will see through his eyes
He will care griefs of my tears
He will plot joy to avoid my fear.
He will be hope and future of my life.
By Tulsi Shrestha
Www.poemhunter. com

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