Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 25, 2016

CHRISTMAS IS SPECIAL….!~by Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar




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The pure white sheet
of snow, fresh and neat
in the cold winter
of December,
Bringing in the birth
of Jesus, our Lord, Christ,
The redeemer and
our saviour.

The firs and spruce in contrast
to the white snowy mass vast
shine out,
Standing strong and stout,
a part of the celebrations
when they stand as the Christmas tree, with decorations
of baubles, stars, ribbons,
balloons and festoons.

Colourful lacy dresses
with matching hats on the tresses
and lovely dancing shoes
along with the gifts we choose,
All make it so memorable,
festive, unforgettable
and the wait for Santa Claus
as times seem to pause.

Aroma of freshly baked cakes
wafts with the drizzle of snow flakes
as we all await a lavish spread
of turkey, stews, sweetmeats and bread,
The chant of prayers
and the midnight mass,
the carol singers
memories of whom, always linger.

Hanging of stockings by the bedside
since chilhood, has been a delight,
Shouting in glee when received
the gift I loved to have, cherished
those beautiful moments all through,
even though I came to know that Santa was not true,
but waited for him and now I too play Santa Claus
with his hearty laughter and gaffaws.

The happiness
and cheerfulness,
Joy and mirth
on Jesus’s birth
coming with bonhomie
and a unique camaraderie,
making it all so beautiful,
That is why Christmas is special.

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