Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2016

A dozen friends~by Payal Sunandan



A dozen friends

Crisp winds from an old monastic window
tend the whip of mist-filled atmosphere,
luminescent friendships in octagonal distance,
silent distress in dozen faces,
a false bottom of a dark trunk,
locked allusions of playful morals,
grease pen wrote under bluish crescent.

A true friendship is selfless,
one evaporates into another
reminiscent of Da Vinci’s famous painting,
a lady with androgynous smile,
Amon Isis Mona Lisa,
one is always more generous than the other
and suffers for his devoted forgiveness.

Sweet herbs and spiced wines,
palmed cherries and strawberries divine,
primroses in the early springs,
one ever harvests the seasons,
while other delights in veneration,
like spokes of a wheel
traveling round and round with congruence,
rim which loses itself in gaudy sparks
paddling frictions on the dusty hot path.

A true friendship is the feeling of a mother
to the bachelor or the man without a family.

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