Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2016

My single rose~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by the poet who never fails to inspire me
my favourite Ron DuBour



My single rose

Image may contain: flower and plant

In you I live so old
in my single rose
my bride I choose you as my only love
to be my only rose
in you to bloom in you
whichever way the wind blows
in you to be your flow in you
in you my love strolls
to hold you in you
in you my heart grows
in your love to be the pure love
my only single rose 🌹
as I deflower you
to tie you in my bows
in your love to be the blossoming window
of your soul
in it to weed out the thorns in you
to possess you as my sole
for in my love of you
the whole world glows

come and get me
I know no more
in you I can no more hold
as I wait for you
in letters written in gold
to tell you that
I love you 😘
I have never been so bold
in your love nothing matters
insanely as I draw you in my fold
in your love of you are my flower 🌺 in you
i grow with you never old
in your love to live with you
nothing left of me..everything sold
for you are my want
all bars breaking in your hold
take me with you
I will be your slave
do everything told
always there with you
never growing old
for you are my love
I live in you foremost
don’t leave me now
do as you are told
without you I just turn cold I cannot live
in your warmth my arms just fold
wrapping you as close to me
in a warmth that never goes
cold in the embers of your flame
as I die in you
My ever single rose
to once again bloom in you
Never growing old

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