Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2016

Off to bed,~by Aly O’Neill



Off to bed,

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Off to bed,
the rain falls softly
the waves roar a little between the storms
Blessed are we, who have one another.
Remember always to pray for those nameless ones, who have no one to hold them in love or light or thought.
We are blessed.
today we feasted however grand or meager the feast.
Prayers for the hungry and afraid.
Today my ears were filled by childrens happy laughter,
prayers for thd children young or old, who have not tasted joy, live a live bereff of hope, prayers for comfort. Prayers for the homeless and displaced, as we travel to bed in comfort. Prayers for peace, more now than ever. Today we have been blessed in an abundance. A fde tears were shed, Margaret missing from our table, but grateful we had her love and influence in our life. Miss family and friends far away, glad of technology that connects us, however brief the hello. So weary, a little, but overwhelmingly grateful, for family, friendship, fellowship and grace, goodnight xx blessings all x

Today we have

Prayers for the homeless, Tonight we go to bed, warm

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