Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2016

Route To The Monastery~by Lopamudra Mishra



Route To The Monastery

My journey ended near the eminent ridge,
Little exasperating me and my trip,
The epic curvature of rocks and its curves,
Its winding paths and the graceful streams,
The vast pine trees and its ever green leaves,
All greet me one by one with grin,
I tried to exchange with affable smile,
Through my dry mouth and dry beam,
My inner toil is battling hard with cool clime,
The boxed agony and anxiety is making me heavy,
I search from the dark den to lighted vane,
To un tether my pain, with,
It I travelled all the meandering way,
My cluttered mind rifling for peace,
In the boisterous wind,
Down in the valley,
I saw some candle lights blinking,
And heard bells ringing from dark vine,
The evening hour and the growing dimness,
lead me slowly towards the fluorescent ray, then
I discover the monastery near the river bay,
I started climbing the steps to reach the cliff
Slowly sweating my inner tussle in the stairs,
I entered the premises to get mental peace…..
The serene beauty and its pious breath,
Entrapped me to get solace in its berth.

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