Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2016

WHITE ROSE~by Stefano Capasso

It is the story of a beautiful woman just before getting married, in an accident lost his legs

I’m not anymore

Image may contain: flower and plant


Let me be with you
the ends of the World
all I ask to my fate.

I am willing
to be with You
the path
and Sol Thought
my soul with joy.

And if I hold strong
your hands
and I’m attached
to You
I am so serene
do not be afraid
of fight against
Ups and Downs
also very hard.

You have no reason
to give punishment
of my health.

I have
so much strength
Your Love
It sends me
by not having
to others might
question to help
which have long
me gifts.

This tragedy
it have not bent
at all
like Tempest ago
with a tree

But in your hands
I have delivered
my life
because of you
I swear
and therefore
I implore you:

let me be with You
in the Top of the World
I’m not anymore
the White Rose
you knew.

Now I’m not alone
and close with You
I am not afraid.

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@ copyright

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