Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 27, 2016




by Paloma Fule

Angels are real.
They are those
who smile,
amongst us,
behind their tears.

Unknown circumstances
are their fate and
their deprivation,
of a choice,
of an Earthly
normal happy life.

A life of purpose,
helping others
in need of love,
is their existence.

Fond memories of
what could have been
exist joyfully,
a beautiful ILLUSION
In their hearts forever.

A difficult path
is God’s chosen
existence for them.

Hope, is ALL
they can steadfastly
cling onto, perhaps
to no reasonable avail.

Only God’s power
can set them,
one day free.
to live the JOY,
That once was
theirs to be.

—- Paloma Fule

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