Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 27, 2016

Just an Old Cowboy~by Norman Wilson



Just an Old Cowboy

I am an old country cowboy
Doing the best for a bottle or two
I live in a rundown country cottage
Declaring it a heaven come true

I never worry about what people think
While the patches on my jeans wear through
I just flick them off with my finger
Then pour myself a whiskey and mountain dew

They say I am a badass hombre
Even though I ride rodeo at the county fairs
They keep on sticking it to me
Causing me to react with an evil stare

People really do not understand me
I just want people to leave me alone
Letting me tip back a shot of whiskey
And sit on my porch with my old dog Quyncy Jones

It is rough to be a cowboy
Riding the range and eating a can of beans
Yet I keep on living life my way
Being free to live out an old man’s cowboy dreams

All rights reserved 12,26,16
Norman Francis

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