Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 27, 2016

THE BEAUTY~by Tulsi Shrestha




Image may contain: mountain, cloud, sky, outdoor and nature

When golden beams of dawn shower snow mountain
The sight you enjoy, isn’t it beauty ?
Green woods ,meadow land and ever flowing rivers then
So beautiful they are , to watch all of them.
A folk of birds fly above the clouds
What you watch them, isn’t it beauty ?
When ever flowing sea waves start clasping
The beauty that too blooms from your clappings
Any things that flow perception of joy
They are indeed symbols of beauty
When two things entangle each other
What they release, isn’t it perfume of beauty ?
When breeze floats long hair of a girl
That might turn as a symbol of beauty
Indeed beauty lies in the eyes of beholder
As he is ultimate judge to proclaim beauty
Any sensual source of human pleasure
Should be claimed as a beauty of choice
Hence love making is so beautiful
Songs and music are so charmful
Nature and sensual beauty reside as one entity
To turn symbol of beauty as fresh femininity

By Tulsi Shrestha
Www.poemhunter. com

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