Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 27, 2016

Where Art Thou Shakespeare~by Norman Wilson



Where Art Thou Shakespeare

I cannot find the heartfelt words
That breathes a breath upon my pen
For the letter that I want to write for you
Inked in love that I wish to send

The powder has dried upon the parchment
Turned to dust within my thoughtful mind
For flowers and valentine hearts I give
That grows by the red grapes near the vines

The daffodils came early this spring
While the valentine hearts cut a pale path
To the red grapes as sweet as you
For the kiss, I hope to have at last

Yet I cannot put words to my letter
Telling of a Shakespearian love, I hold inside
As my words, blurt out in gaggles and flutters
Far away from the ethos that I hide

The philosopher behind my scroll
Is adrift far from loves keeping embrace
As my Diva no longer share her pen
For my mislaid words embodied in fancy lace

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