Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 29, 2016

DUSKY SEA~by Saroj K Padhi




For God’s sake let the surfing sea
touch and feel you, as I did
when tides of youth overtook thee;
allow it to scratch your skin,
tickle the nerves, caress the bones
and to the bare soul seep in
before we’re taken in
to the vortex
where like toys we’re made to spin,
till by tides we are torn
and fall off like stray pieces of coral reef-
all ragged and shorn
by a subterranean current unseen, unknown.

Why do you bother about the sun
that was temporarily lost to the dusky waves
when the voluptuous moon glistens
on the wet sands of your desire
and the night wind knees
onto your skin taut and bare,
before the very eyes
of the shivering casuarina
who chuckles during its keen stare ;

sands write stories of love and loss
with pens of tiny sea-shells
as the waves in orgasmic spells
crash on the bare bodied shore,
when sea lilies excitedly beat their wings
deep down desiring to float ashore;

come, let’s hug the waves
and ride the crest of our dreams
before Time’s hollow tides sweep us away
and our bodies fritter away into faint moon beams.


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