Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 29, 2016

Love Echoes Again~by Norman Wilson



Love Echoes Again

Echoing truth, choking through my head
As the winds whisper the words, I said
To the cries of the wild loon, cying much too soon
For loves theft coming from the abyss under the moon

It is for her I must cry, again and again before I die
Repeatedly sighing, as I wheeze deep inside
While blood drips into a heart of pain
Bogged In a wilderness simmering in a sunset calling out her name

Shall there be a tomorrow of glowing sunlight
Or shall I wander forever to strew in the wilds of the night
Can the echoes of loves heart walk back in its tracks
Heated in a mar of footprints in misty black

Shall I hear a bit of thunder coming with the rain
Shall I see a bit of wonder falling just the same
With a harkening message that came unwittingly to soon
Leaving me sombre, crying aloud in my room

Forever, forever shall I weep too show
Roaming in a module of starbeams below
As the echoes of her truth says, move on
Littering my pathway that I wish is wrong

Watch me; watch me, for I shall fly
Higher than a high in faith to pacify
Heating by a starburst where loving hearts flame
As i catch up to loves echo once again

All rights reserved 12,28,16
Norman Francis

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