Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 1, 2017

Inconsolable~by Payal Sunandan




Mend a broken heart
that lost a love which was
far more than common.

Be offended if you like,
I don’t care,
If you please preach free will
to the one who swallowed the
water poisoned by mines,
ill-advised and feverish proceeding,
what is to be done of a mother
lost by a child?

Plunged into the gardens of choicest
substitute new cares and impressions,
sunk and steeped in ignorance of
precise circumstances,
obliging disposition of friends and relations,
now the world has gone past me, sometimes
I hardly know where I myself may be.

I must be spoken to kindly or
the end of matter it shall be,
I shall dream such curious things as
sea says the noise of its waves and
broken records hum musical recollections
reaching the litmus seeds,
beneath the stout green trees where
I nestle into the bosom of affections
so well imagined.

I have an accurate memory and it is the only
capital I do have,
grief has not made me idiotic,
I see those blisters not constitutional
but perhaps accidental,
invested money on a failed speculation.

It would have occurred to most men,
walking on the ceilings like the flies
are those souls great deal too large
for their frames,
walking up and down the lanes in shows
of devoted energies trying to
improve the melancholy.

I would like a bit of tranquility and sit
along with my lifelong friend,
you sadden me sometimes,
when we conclude, what is merely
a matter of bargain and sale,
I often appear to have offered a juvenile remark-

“Oh, my lifelong friend,
what a life we have seen,
I may charge you to hold my dream,
whilst I bestow upon myself the
wholesome education of consequences
under the same skies we live in.”


  1. Magnificent!

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