Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 2, 2017

Ageless, timeless, how much can she take~by rldubour



Ageless, timeless, how much can she take

Image result for mighty river

She starts on the mountaintop and flows to the sea.

With endless miles she journeys, to her destiny.

Ageless and timeless, she stays on course.

Just don’t get near her, when she shows her force.

She can rage with fury, nothing stopping her path.

With total destruction, she can show off her wrath.

Yet most of the time, she is gentle and calm.

With a serenity of beauty, she flows along.

To admire her power, to take on such change.

To respect her desires, she will not refrain.

From mountains to valleys, from cities to towns.

She makes her own path, not turning around.

Stead fast she goes, she knows this must be.

Pushing ever so onward to the mouth of the sea.

Now let’s take a moment and look deeper in thought.

And see all the things this river has brought.

Not just her beauty, not just her might.

She has brought all of nature, the substance of life.

To all earths creatures, she gives food and drink

How important she is, now please stop and think.

To know what us humans, are doing to her.

As we pollute and abuse her, she says not a word.

As mighty and powerful, as she might be.

Mankind is destroying her, as she flows to the sea.

It’s time we admire her and do what we can.

Before it’s too late, for all of nature and man.

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