Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 2, 2017

Horizon’s Peak~by Norman Wilson



Horizon’s Peak

Dreams, simple dreams glimmering
In blizzard storms beyond horizons peak
Where liar’s cries hide truth of beauty’s stead
Variably blocking dreams of wedding bed

Hark; I hear her cries, unsettled in the mist
That flees to follies dreadful edge
In drizzly clouds with butterflies openly falling
Into pools inside river blue, where left sobbing in regress

Beauty is the lasting tears that falls
Beauty is her voice I hear in fear waning in shedding calls
From the horizon that peaks, then dips then peaks again
In old ghostly shadows of Caesar’s reign

Set on fire in pleasure’s war
Where my dreams have traveled, so many times before
Before the blistering storm turns to warm sunshine
On horizon’s peak, forming beauty’s shrine

Fateful battles fought with knight’s sharpened blades
While love conquers under trees of shade
As I adventure into daydreams and dreams of night
Over the horizon in search of a wonderful blistful delight

I mount thy highest hill, then to reach the lowest end
Then I cross the river blue, welcoming a heart sent
To be with her, the beauty of all dreams
A love with no remorse or no repent, for what I truely seak passed horizon‘s peak

All rights reserved 01,01,17
Norman Francis

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