Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 3, 2017

I NEED YOU~by Jagjit Singh Jandu




Don’t know where you live?
I have heard about it a lot
That you live within me
Will someone guide me?
How to find you within

You may be afraid of me
And thus you prefer to hide
You took my being to ride
I am not so smart to play
Come & live in my eyes, I say

People say, you do care all
I wish your love as a windfall
I promise to keep you in my heart
Will remember you to clean all dirt
Hope, my prayers will not go inert

This heart is your living place
Bless me with love to keep pace
I need you with me, in life’s race
Become my shield for all challenges
To conquer hurdles in a happy space

You know, none other do care
I seek your love, pleasure to share
Give ears to my words, be near
Don’t leave me in solitude any more
Hold me by arms, hug me I adore
copyrightJagjit Singh Jandu (Jit)
@ January 3, 2017
All Rights Reserved

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