Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 3, 2017

Mirror’s Reflection~by Lopamudra Mishra



Mirror’s Reflection

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I always desire for a flawless complexion,
If ever I see my image in mirror,
I was proud of my glowing reflection,
Every day I apply some tips to enhance my impression,
Uff! Today …….
On my rounded cheeks,
I found some black marks,
Demolishing my cognitive blueprint,
I checked it with curiosity,
How come this audacity?
Harming my delicacy and notoriety,
I applied methods to erase the prints,
The stubborn spots took a lot of energy,
To extirpate from the lurid arena,
In desolation ,I choose it as a part of my carcass,
If you love me with sobriety,
Then you will come to me and accept my flawed beauty,
Ephemeral beauty can not be trustworthy,
A pleasing heart is better in resemblance to dazzling gem,
Moon ,too gorgeous with its charming black beauty.

Lopamudra Mishra

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