Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 4, 2017

Pillars of Stone~by Norman Wilson



Pillars of Stone

What beauty lies in the sea of green grass
As he sun reaches down to bury itself in the earth
Where the intrusion of pillars blocks its path
In the warmth of a summer’s birth

Old and worn are the pale stones
Risen by man’s own hands
So long ago and now forgotten
Where new grass sweeps over fresh coverings of land

Arches of beauty once stood towards the sun
Where ancient bones decay with time
To the suffering of the sun and the suffrage of the whip
Keeping old secrets for architects to find

Burned and buried is the sun upon the earth
Where the grass has given way to the desert winds
Saying find me you explorers if you can
For I have buried the treasures of the pillars deep within the sands

All rights reserved 01,02,17
Norman Francus

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