Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 10, 2017





I am an eternal child
I am strong and wild
like a roaring lion in
his stately dignity and pride
As an awakening woman,
I intend to make mountains move without breaking stride
through my Holy preaching seemingly deep and sensibly wide

I am an eternal child,
to my Holy preaching
I stubbornly strive to abide
Looking at all spiritual introspections side by side
living my footstep wherever i stride

I am an eternal child,
I am a mother of man
though as an invisible woman
To my spiritual wisdom,
people seem mistakably blind
I bound over the deep rivers, lonely streams, the uphill and the High tide
wherever nature will lead me,
more like a sage woman
in her Honour tough and pride
I do not bother myself
I do not underestimate my potential
For I know the essence of Beauty
Is to be blessed with a heart forgiving and kind

Written by Jenayah Hela
Spiritual Poetry

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